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Mission Statement

Allura Health is dedicated to:

  1. Customizing workplace health programs that assess and measure progress to reduce healthcare cost and increase productivity.
  2. Utilizing Health Education as the cornerstone in creating lasting lifestyle change in every employee we work with.
  3. Implementing interactive tools that engage employees in creating a culture of wellness in their workplace.
  4. Motivating and empowering employees to take responsibility for their health and reduce their risk factors for disease.
  5. Spreading the message of preventative health as an alternative to the current system of reactive health care.
  6. Raising awareness to the importance of living a healthy lifestyle and the long-term benefits it can have.


The Allura Health Approach incorporates three distinct philosophies on population health management and best practices to create a successful culture of wellness within an organization.

Reverse the Trend

If we accept the fact that the current trend, over time, is for individuals to move from low-risk to high-risk and for the resulting costs to move from low-cost to high-cost, then an organization must prioritize a two-fold strategy of total population health management in order to achieve a culture of wellness. First, it must keep the healthy people healthy and prevent them from becoming high-risk and high-cost. Second, it must work to reduce the health risks of the moderate and high-risk groups to help control or reverse the increasing costs.

Fully-Integrated, Results-Based Wellness Solution

Allura Health delivers all wellness-related services that are fully-integrated and results-based. With the technology and knowledge available today, we are able to provide a point-to-point wellness solution that offers a population health management strategy that has the direction, purpose, and seamless integration to be successful and achieve a positive, measurable ROI.

Technology Alone Does Not Create a Culture of Wellness

Stand-alone technologies will neither create individual behavior change, nor create a company-wide culture of wellness. Technologies are simply the mechanism through which wellness and health promotion can be communicated and delivered. It takes a wellness approach with the right blend of high-tech and high-touch health promotion initiatives that, when delivered in a targeted manner, create the overall culture of wellness that leads to individual behavior change.


Education is the Foundation

Without education, everything else that we do is for naught. Education provides the foundation for individuals to make healthier choices. It empowers them to take control of their health and understand how the choices they make affect their health.

Living the Lifestyle

At Allura Health we pride ourselves on practicing what we preach. Are we perfect? No. Nobody is. We are each a work in progress, but we make a deliberate effort each day to improve our own health and wellness.

Honoring the Ever-Evolving Needs of Our Clients

Health and wellness is not static; over time it improves or regresses. We seek to keep the services that we implement with our clients in alignment with those dynamic shifts. This means that we must continually customize our offerings to each client company, while personalizing the services to the individuals within each company.

Hire, Develop, and Retain Only the Highest Quality Personnel

We spend our time telling other companies that they need to take care of their most valuable asset - their people. At Allura Health, we strive to do just that. We seek out expert personnel, work to make them even better, and then provide a happy, healthy, and productive work environment to keep them around.

Commitment to Provide Innovative, Comprehensive, High-Quality, and Evidence-based Service

Because if we don't, we are doing a disservice to our clients and our industry.

Continuously Build, Expand, and Improve our Valuable Relationships Within the Industry

We understand that Allura Health depends heavily on the work of other businesses, institutions, practitioners, and individuals in the wellness industry. Recognizing that fact, we hold our professional relationships in the highest regard and we strive to improve those relationships on a daily basis.

  • Joseph Burello JD. President/CEO.

    Having grown up in the family business of medical supply, Mr. Burello has a long familiarity with the medical industry. Mr. Burello also holds a Juris Doctorate degree with studies that empahsized technology law, and he has been a software developer for over 25 years with former clients ranging from Oakley Sunglasses to the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA).